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Figura Megahouse COWBOY BEBOP – Spike & Faye 1st GIG Set

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MG828157 – COWBOY BEBOP – Spike & Faye 1st GIG Set

EAN – 4535123828157

With a live-action version in the works for Netflix, «COWBOY BEBOP» is in the spotlight once again, but fans will never forget the classic anime versions of Spike Spiegel and Faye Valentine which have been captured in this figure set!

Both characters have been captured as pre-painted approximately 1/8th scale figures in an epic shooting action scene. Spike comes with an alternate face plate to display him smoking a cigarette while Faye can be displayed with her sunglasses for a slightly different appearance!

The two figures bases can be brought together to create a joint display that shows the Swordfish-II silhouette and the COWBOY BEBOP logo in the background of the shattering glass!

  • 2x Pre-Painted Figures. Spike Approximately 220mm in Height. Faye Approximately 210mm in Height. Stand included.
  • ©サンライズ

2019 December


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SKU MG828157 ¡Oferta!

Figura Megahouse COWBOY BEBOP – Spike & Faye 1st GIG Set

Licencia: Marca: MegaHouse
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